A List Of Fresh Essay Topics On Climate Change For College

Whether you like it or not, climate change is real and it is happening around us unfortunately. This is very sad and is certainly bad news for the human race. However, there is still a chance that scientists will be able to revert this problem sometime in the future and hopefully the planet will recover. As of now, training and educating people about this concept is important.

When you are in college, it is important that you discuss about climate change for your essays. Here are a few topics to help you start with:


There is a huge gap in the ozone layer just on top of Australia. Although it has been recovering, more work needs to be done. You could talk about this in your essay.

Melting land ice

This means more water is flowing to the sea and increasing its level. This could be problematic as the sea level rises.

Impact of ecosystems

The climate change has caused huge changes to the ecosystem and could lead to extinction of certain species of animals. A great topic to discuss in your essay!


This doesn’t only mean the economical cost to human, but also the social cost that climate change could bring upon us. Perform some research and you could be writing an excellent essay.

Impact on tourism

Climate change has a great impact on tourism as well. Think of all the island nations and how they could be affected.

Climate (obviously!)

Just think how much hotter it is today than when you were still a toddler. This is a result of climate change and it will only get hotter if nothing is done to stop it.

Ways to stop it

A rather innovative essay would be to discuss ways to stop it. You could include arguments like using less fossil fuel and be more environmentally friendly.

Our diet?

Our diet includes meat, but the meat has to come somewhere. It clears up large parts of forests for cattle and that’s bad! Does changing our diet help?

Future implications

We should not always focus on the present; sometimes we have to look into the future. Discuss the implications of climate change.

Our actions

Something that’s not discussed as often would be our contribution to climate change. You should think of several things that are impacting the climate and what we can do to revert it.


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