5 Topic Suggestions For Writing An Outstanding Essay On Marriage

This is a research paper writing guide to approach great topics on marriage in five steps:

  1. 1. Marriage can be really simple or really complicated. Many factors determine the course a marriage like compatibility of the couple based on personal experience, their concept of enjoyment, how they handle hard times, family development, personal development and the list goes on. It is not easy to guess at the success or failure of a new marriage one can however, speculate on the traits of the individual, as well as the group that affects the outcome of a marriage.

  2. 2. The family plays a large role in the life of every individual. Whether it be a close knit relationship, or the not so close knit, most people are affected by their family in one way or the other. This can result in behavioral traits which then affect the individual’s social behavior, and therefore , their spouse. Write an essay that depicts the theme of a married couple and the way their family affects their marriage life and how they deal with it.

  3. 3. Everyone one has a friends or at least one friend, and many believe they can know who a person is by knowing their friends. It is fact that your friends are individuals you spend time with, this naturally affects how one schedules their spouse/family time to include time spent with friends. Write an essay depicting a friendly relationship that affects a married couple’s life negatively and show a way they were able to overcome the problem and find a solution.

  4. 4. Economics affects everyone, of every walk of life, so its no surprise that economics play a large role in the success of a marriage. However, the relationship is not always a direct one, there are many cases of marriages that suffered harsh economic blows prospering despite difficult circumstances. Depict a situation where an affluent couple loses their fortune six months after marriage and depict the reason or motivations that could allow their marriage to succeed despite the circumstances.

  5. 5. Everyone has a dream, whether it be to become a teacher, a dad or an astronaut. Our dreams often determine who we are and how we live our lives, even if we never accomplish those dreams. Some people achieve their goals later in life than others. Depict a situation where the different life goals of each individual undermines the success of the marriage. Show how they managed to get married without these issues coming to light until after living together.


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Last Step

Now that your essay is finished, make sure it sounds interesting.
Ask some people to read it and get their feedback. One little trick to add some interest to an essay is to reword a sentence into a question.
The best place to do this is in the introduction, because you will be supporting your points with evidence in the body paragraphs. that’s where the question will be answered.

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