An Academic Writing Tutorial For Academic Essay Writers

  • Must Be of Great Academic Interest to Scholars

  • Academic essays must possess all kinds of qualities before they can be considered a true work of academic essay writing. First, they must be well titled, with an eye and ear catching title. Second, the essay must have a great concept, something that will interest an academic body of scholars.

  • Scrupulously written

  • Above all things an academic essay must be scrupulously written first. You will want to make certain to have a clear introduction, thesis statement, and as many body paragraphs as it takes to make up seven eighths of the essay (leaving one eighth for the introductory and closing paragraphs.

  • You Must have A Solid Thesis Statement

  • All essays must have a thesis statement and this is true most of an academic essay. You may find that it best to cast the thesis statement for an academic essay into the third person because of the formality of the essay. In other words, avoid the “I” thesis statement, and opt, instead, for a third person thesis statement in the fashion of the following.

    Instead of “In this essay, I will argue that there must be something done about global warming now to prevention the extinction of coral reefs and polar animals.” You simply say, instead, “We must do something now to save our coral reefs, or we will soon lose all manner of exotic fish, our coral reefs, and our polar animals, such as our polar bears and penguins.

  • The Essay Must Be Error Free

  • An academic essay must be virtually error free. You do not want any errors in spelling, sentence construction, unnecessary capital letters or italics, and no errors in grammar. You want to make sure that all commas in a series have the second comma, for example. You will want to make sure to italicize all titles of journals and books and to put the names of all essays you consult to write this essay into quotation marks.

  • The Essay Must Be Well ‘Researched

  • For the academic essay, you do not want to consult blogs and informal writings. You certainly do not want essays off the web without authors or dates. You need to be able to provide all manner of documentation from any information you use.

    Instead, use scholarly journals from respected sources in your academic essay, as these have more credibility.



Edit Your Essay

“  Proofread and edit your essay to fix up any little mistakes you might find. It’s one of the most important but unfortunately one of the most commonly overlooked step.  ”

–  Patrick Barker

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Last Step

Now that your essay is finished, make sure it sounds interesting.
Ask some people to read it and get their feedback. One little trick to add some interest to an essay is to reword a sentence into a question.
The best place to do this is in the introduction, because you will be supporting your points with evidence in the body paragraphs. that’s where the question will be answered.

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