Academic Research And Writing Techniques: Hunting For Good Argumentative Essay Topics

When you are going to choose your argumentative essay topic, you want to make sure that is it a topic that you can look at open minded because you want to give both sides of the argument and not be bias or one sided. This means your topic should have enough facts for both sides of the argument and you don’t want to favor one over the other. Like with any essay topic, you want to pick your topic and then start composing all of your research. Once you have all of information then you can start to outline and write your essay.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • - Hollywood movies, are they responsible for any behavioral problems that youths today face? Movies are a way for people to lose themselves for a couple hours but are youths taking these movies to seriously and is it cause behavioral problems in them.

  • - Should we have a one-world government? The United States is already involved in all of the world’s problems but should we just have a super government that controls the entire world.

  • - Which crisis is worst, water or fuel? We see the prices of gas goes up and the commercials on Television about the water crisis but which one should we be more worried about or are both something we should take notice of.

  • - Which kind of marketing works better to get consumers to buy things, eMarketing or regular marketing? Companies are finding new ways to get the word out about their products but which one is better for the consumers and companies.

  • - Are companies advertising their products or are we being manipulated into buying things that we don’t need? Companies are always finding new ways to sell us their products but is it getting out of hand or are they just doing their job.

  • - Is there a truth behind the gender stereotype that women are more mental stronger and that men are physically stronger and does this create a balance between the two genders? We are taught a young age the men are the stronger of the sexes but women are smarter. How does this view on the sexes affect the way we look at the two?

  • - Has the United States been too worried on the global issues and not taking care of issues close to home? We hear about all of the global issues from around the world but is our government too worried about these issues and are they ignoring our issues at home.


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Edit Your Essay

“  Proofread and edit your essay to fix up any little mistakes you might find. It’s one of the most important but unfortunately one of the most commonly overlooked step.  ”

–  Patrick Barker

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Last Step

Now that your essay is finished, make sure it sounds interesting.
Ask some people to read it and get their feedback. One little trick to add some interest to an essay is to reword a sentence into a question.
The best place to do this is in the introduction, because you will be supporting your points with evidence in the body paragraphs. that’s where the question will be answered. Easy steps to complete an essay writing process.