The Repercussions Divorce Has On Children

When two people get married, it is because they are in love, and want to spend the rest of their lives together. However, over time, the love two people feel for one another might not make it through the really tough times, and a difficult decision has to be made as to whether or not the marriage should continue. However, before two people decide that their marriage is not something that can be saved, they must think about what it will do to their children. Here is more information about the repercussions divorce has on children.

The biggest repercussion that children have is the feeling that they did something wrong. Children often say something to the effect that they were bad, and because of their behavior, they caused the parents to break up. However, children have nothing to do with what happened to the relationships between the parents, and they need to understand that it was nothing they did or didn’t do.

Another effect that divorce has on kids is the children take a big hit is their feeling of self-worth. Children may ask a question like, did mommy and daddy stop loving me? Because one of the parents is going to go away, and the child often feels like they are not worthy of love or are not lovable anymore. The love the parents may have for one another is in question, but they love they have for their children remains the same.

Children who are going through a divorce may have a lot of emotions running through them that they do not want to feel, such as anger. The anger may come out when they go to school, or how they deal with their siblings, and that anger can cause them to lash out any time of the night or day.

Before two people decide that they need to end their marriage, they need to stop and think about those around them that will be affected by their breakup. What a couple needs to remember is that there are always ways to make their marriage work, such as counseling, and they really should look into all the options they can. Children are often very young when their parents split up, and it may be hard for them to understand what is going on between their parents. Divorce can be hard on everyone, not just the two people who have decided to go their separate ways.


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