Hand-Picked List Of Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Natural Disasters

Cause and effect essays can be an interesting assignment as they allow finding interesting and, sometimes, unexpected connections between objects, their features, phenomena, and so on. If you are told to compose such a project, having chosen a topic for it on your own, you have a great chance of doing great research that will be interesting both to you and your readers.

How to Search for Essay Topics and Pick Out Good Ones

When searching for a good topic, you are free to use all the sources that you can find: libraries, the Internet, writing labs, topic generators, etc. Your task is to find a topic that is interesting to you, allows you to do profound research and tell your readers things they wouldn’t know. The topic should be rather novel or, at least, suggest a novel approach to a well-known subject. It will help your paper stand out and be noticed.

When choosing a topic from a list of suggestions, for example, never stop at only one option. Make sure you have several extra ones just in case something goes wrong with your favorite. If you are close to making your choice, check at once whether there is enough reference material to support the cause and effect connection that you are going to discover in your paper.

A Selection of Essay Topic Ideas

In the section below, you will find a selection of cause and effect paper topics that are dedicated to natural disasters. You are free to choose whichever one you like.

  1. Which is the most remarkable and remembered effect of a volcano eruption in human history?
  2. The connection between a huge volcano eruption and changes in the local climate.
  3. Loud noises as a well-known cause of avalanches in mountains.
  4. Heavy rainfalls as a cause of a mudflow, and the effect of mudflows on the surrounding areas.
  5. The most common causes of landslides and the effect of one on a landscape.
  6. The effect of the Great Flood of 1993 on the USA.
  7. Tsunami as an effect of underwater earthquakes.
  8. The earthquake of 2004 in South-East Asia as the cause of the most numerous human victims of a natural disaster.
  9. The underwater earthquake in the Tokyo area (2011) as a cause of the tallest tsunami (above 40 meters).
  10. Hypothetic effects of an earthquake that is caused by a huge cosmic item like a meteorite falling into an ocean.


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