Doomed Love In Romeo And Juliet – 10 Ideas For Your Essay Topics

Romeo and Juliet is a famous play written by the ever-famous author William Shakespeare. Even though various people wrote other stories about Romeo and Juliet but this play holds significant value in English literature. If you are to write an essay about the play, you will find the following topics helpful

  1. 1. Why does the world see Romeo and Juliet as a success when they never met and died at a very young age?

  2. 2. At the end of the play, Romeo faces the audience and says some shall be pardoned while some will be punished. Who do you think will be pardoned and why? Who according to Romeo will receive punishment?

  3. 3. Why did the people call Romeo insane and lunatic when he wandered the streets in love of Juliet?

  4. 4. What is the actual evil presented in this play? What does the author want to show to his audience by creating a scenario like this?

  5. 5. By watching or reading the play, do you think such love can exist in real and if the characters of the play were real people and real stories?

  6. 6. Do you like the way the play unfolds as the love of Romeo and Juliet adds into play? Do you think there was a better way to present this?

  7. 7. What are the main driving forces behind the play that engage the reader and appeal to his emotions? Could there be a better ending to the play?

  8. 8. Do you think people of that time underrate or overrate the play in any way? Do you think Shakespeare was the first one to introduce the love story folk tale of Romeo and Juliet?

  9. 9. Which is the strongest character in the play according to you, give reasons to support your answer

  10. 10. How can a person analyze the character of Juliet given the settings and background of her story

Above are the top ten interesting topics that you can use for your essay about Romeo and Juliet. People might even say that these lovebirds did not have a good fate but the truth is that they earned a life of eternity in return of their sacrifice. It is not necessary that you agree with or like all these topics mentioned above. You can keep the one that you like and alter it to fit to your subject.


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