List Of Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics On Teenage Pregnancy

Persuasive essays are an attempt to sell a point to your audience. They strive to convince the audience that a particular belief or argument is correct. They introduce a particular position that may be controversial and then, using strong arguments, defend this position.

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that is with us every day, and there are numerous contentious topics that can arise from it. A few of them are listed and explained below.

  • Teenage pregnancy should be outlawed. Here you can write on the possible penalties for juvenile pregnancy and the possible results of having these in place.

  • Teenage pregnancies are a result of weak moral character. Speak on specific moral values that are absent in underage mothers that would have prevented the pregnancy.

  • Jail terms should be introduced for boys responsible for putting underage girls in the family way. Ideas here would include specific jail terms depending on age and how they can act as a deterrent.

  • Babies born to adolescents should be put up for adoption. This topic would highlight the inability of adolescents to raise a child adequately and the better chance provided by adult adoptive parents.

  • Juvenile gravidities are a sign of the moral decadence of our society. Highlight the moral values in society that would prevent this and how society is lacking them.

  • Young girls should be issued contraceptives in school. This should be presented as a solution to prevent or reduce adolescent births. It alludes to the fact that lack of knowledge results in this situation.

  • Peer pressure is responsible for underage pregnancies. Explain how teens feel pressured to have sex by their peers so that they can fit in.

  • Proper use of contraceptives should be taught to the youth in school. Here again, you are aiming to prove that lack of knowledge results in problems like pregnancies among adolescents.

  • Abortion only makes adolescent parents escape from their responsibilities. Elaborate how this is contributing to the problem.

  • Abortion should be outlawed for anyone under the age of nineteen. Show how this will act as a deterrent to juveniles.

  • Poor upbringing is responsible for teenage pregnancies. This attempts to place the blame on parents. Show how fast lifestyles have left little time to bring up children properly.

  • Parents of expectant adolescents should go through parenting classes. This is controversial since the parents are to be put on the stand for their children’s mistakes.

Thus, there are many topics that can be written on in this area. The important thing is to have persuasive arguments lined up to support whatever position you take.



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