Top 20 Suggested College Essay Topics On Immigration

Immigration is a hot topic in politics and the media. Every time elections approach, the news starts discussing remedies for illegal immigration and similar issues. Although many people think of someone sneaking across the border to immigrate, there are a wide variety of people who choose to make the United States their home. Refugees, documented migrant workers, CEOs, married couples and people escaping persecution all choose to move to the United States. To gain a better understanding of immigration, students should consider one of the following 20 essay topics.

Immigration Essay Topics

  1. 1. During the 1900s, the United States set a quota of immigrants that could come from each country and locked it in place. 2. At the time, most immigrants were from Europe. This gave Europe a higher quota than other parts of the world. How has this affected immigration?

  2. 2. How do illegal immigrants strain government programs?

  3. 3. Over the next 50 years, a projected 130 million people will immigrate to the United States. How will this change the face of American culture?

  4. 4. Many industrialized nations suffer from aging populations and have problems providing social security for all of their senior citizens. With its immigrant population, the United States does not have the same problem. Use this and other facts to show how immigration benefits the country.

  5. 5. Is an illegal immigrant able to sue someone in court for violating a contract? What type of legal standing do they have?

  6. 6. Why do immigrants believe that they can achieve the American dream by moving to the United States?

  7. 7. Look at the statistics on immigration and write about the average immigrant who moves to the United States.

  8. 8. Canada uses a point system to choose new residents. They look at factors like education, age, language abilities and criminal history. Would the United States benefit from switching to a similar system?

  9. 9. Why are immigrants viewed unfavorably by the American public?

  10. 10. Do immigrants actually “take American jobs”?

  11. 11. How has the education system struggled to deal with undocumented immigrants?

  12. 12. Throughout United States history, citizens have adopted a nativist approach to immigration. Is that pattern continued today?

  13. 13. Is everyone in the United States essentially an immigrant?

  14. 14. Are immigration laws inherently racists?

  15. 15. Does the average immigrant plan on becoming a citizen or do they just want to work in the United States for a few years?

  16. 16. Discuss the time period following the Potato Famine in Ireland. What were some of the examples of discrimination faced by the Irish? (“No Irish Need Apply” signs, for example)

  17. 17. How are immigrants taken advantage of by landlords, car dealerships and other organizations?

  18. 18. How does the United States' system for granting citizenship compare to the rest of the world?

  19. 19. From burning buildings to physical attacks, how were the Chinese discriminated against when they first started immigrating to the United States?


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