10 Powerful Essay Topics On African Americans

If you are writing a paper on the top African-Americans, a few key areas that you may want to focus on. Consider these ideas before you start:


  • - For starters, consider writing about African Americans in business. You may want to factor in where the top CEOs are and describe the companies they work at and staff they manage. Aside from their positions, you can also mention their relevant backgrounds and key influences in their lives growing up.

  • - Another idea might be to write about powerful leaders in various industries. Were these all people who went from rags to riches or was it something where they were highly educated and then grew into their leadership roles?

  • - You can also write about pioneers like Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman and their work to abolish slavery and the Underground Railroad.

  • - Consider writing about Rosa Parks as the topic always comes up about equal rights and how people are treated in terms of slavery.

  • - What about top actors and actresses? What do you hear in the news that relates to their particular style of acting? Are they positive influences in their communities?

  • - How about rappers? Are they influential to teenagers, or are they bad examples and role models?

  • - You could also consider writing about pioneers in industries like Ben Carson, who is running for president, or write about Barack Obama, who will be leaving office next year.

  • - How about writing about the various shootings that have taken place and whether or not any progress has been done with all of the marches of late.

  • - You could write a piece on top, influential basketball players or football players who have given back to the charity and donated to various schools. Maybe these are the role models will be helping to lead our nation in the future.

  • - Lastly, consider which influential person will be the next to step up. We've had Jesse Jackson. We've had Al Sharpton, but who do you see as being their predecessor?

As you continue in your writing, you'll find that there are a lot of the great essay topics that you can come up with on African Americans. It's just a matter of streamlining your content, and you can even tie in relevant news because there has been so much lately on various topics, you may have a hard time choosing one!


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