Seven Compare And Contrast American History Essay Topics To Write About

One of the most popular American history essay styles is the compare and contrast essay. With this style of writing, students have to look at two fairly similar things in history and compare their differences. These topics could be individuals, time periods, wars or ideas. To make the research process more enjoyable, students should pick a topic that they are actually interested in. For an initial idea, students can read through some of the following American history topics recommended by this dissertation writing agency.

  1. 1. The Confederacy and the Union
  2. Civil War history remains one of the most interesting and popular time periods to study in American history. Students can look at the various generals on either side of the battle or compare how each side measured up.

  3. 2. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X
  4. While Martin Luther King, Jr. was best known for civil disobedience and peaceful protest, Malcolm X was publicly known as a civil rights activist who accepted more violent forms of protest. Some historians have advocated the view that Martin Luther King Junior's success was only possible because the alternative was the violent Malcolm X. Left with the option of recognizing peaceful protesters and avoiding the strife that accompanied Malcolm X, African Americans ultimately achieved equal rights.

  5. 3. Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman
  6. While both Stowe and Tubman were against slavery, Harriet Beecher Stowe fought enslavement by writing about it. Her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin served to bring many in the United States to the side of the abolitionist. In comparison to the white Stowe, Tubman was an African American who was a former slave. After breaking free of slavery, she fought that slavery by helping others to escape.

  7. 4. Socialism in the 1900s Versus Today
  8. Few Americans realize it, but there was actually a strong Socialist party in the early 1900s. At one point, there was even a Socialist contender for president of the United States.

  9. 5. Redcoats and the American Revolutionaries
  10. In what ways were the British troops compare to the American military? At what point did American troops stop considering themselves to be English?

  11. 6. The Vietnam War and the Spanish-American War
  12. Riled to action by newspapers, Americans fought on the side of Cuba in the Spanish-American War. It marked an incursion into another nation for moral reasons like the later Vietnam War. Unlike the Vietnam War, it was a fairly popular engagement and led to America occupying Cuba for 30 years.

  13. 7. The Great Depression Versus Great Recession
  14. In what ways is the Great Depression similar to the Great Recession? How was the recession easier to handle?


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